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BetB2B is now a partner of the SiGMA Americas online conference

BetB2B is pleased to announce that it is now a sponsor of the SiGMA Americas virtual summit, which will be held from 22-24 September 2020.

Two main topics will be discussed at the conference: the state of the gaming industry and emerging technologies. The first topic will help participants to understand the current trends determining how gaming is developing in America, and how the situation there differs from other regions. The second will cover the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, and how they are shaping the modern world.

Events like this help participants to better understand market opportunities, and to build an effective working strategy not only for a particular region, but for the whole world. SiGMA has previously held similar events for Europe and Asia, and now it’s America’s turn. The plan is for more than 70 professionals to speak during the conference, and the number of listeners should be in the tens of thousands.

All in all, over the three days of SiGMA Americas, more than 100 gaming company representatives will speak at the summit and will gladly share their experience in the industry.

A large group of BetB2B representatives will be taking part in the conference. They will appear in panel discussions and are looking forward to sharing their opinions and experience on a range of issues covered at the summit.