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BetB2B and Iconic Gaming soar to new heights

BetB2B is continuing its conquest of Asian gaming markets, and in pursuit of this goal, it has reached an agreement with the Asian game studio Iconic Gaming on the integration of 30 new slot games. The innovative BetB2B platform is delighted to welcome such a major player to the team.

Iconic Gaming is an Asian online game developer whose team has been able to create a number of competitive products for the industry in a very short time period. Players greatly appreciate the innovative solutions employed by the studio in the development of each and every game. Iconic Gaming pays careful attention to every detail in order to ensure that players get to enjoy a next-level gaming experience. The company’s slot games also feature safe and fair mechanics, providing users with a steady flow of winnings.

Iconic Gaming specializes in creating online slots and fishing games, and each one stands out with its in-game design and visual effects. What unites them is an Asian theme which shows up in the small details, the interface design, and the sound effects. The studio creates modern slot games featuring five reels on which up to 250 winning combinations can land. The company’s library includes a total of over 30 slots for players to dive into.

In the interests of expanding its user base in the Asian market, BetB2B has signed a partnership agreement with Iconic Gaming. Dan Wilson, senior B2B manager, says that “both parties have reached an agreement on a mutually beneficial partnership which will expand the presence of our own products on the Asian and European markets. Iconic Gaming has considered every offer for collaboration with BetB2B, and we are pleased that this team of specialists has joined our platform so that we can all achieve our common goals.”

Iconic Gaming is active in every Asian country, with the exception of Taiwan. The studio’s slot games accept bets in dollars, euros, pounds, yuan, and other European and Asian currencies. Unfortunately, however, users cannot currently make deposits using Bitcoin. Iconic Gaming collaborates with the largest Asian online game operators, and as such, BetB2B has made an excellent choice with its latest partner.