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SES Gaming – BetB2B’s new Bingo live streaming partner

A Turkish game provider SES Gaming has been added to the portfolio of the innovative platform BetB2B. The two companies have entered a partnership for the live streaming of online casino bingo games that operate on BetB2B products. SES Gaming has provided two Tombala bingo games: one with a classic interface and the other with a whole new look.

SES Gaming has provided one of the many varieties of lottery the bingo game: Tombala. This is a classic bingo game, where numbered balls are drawn and players cross off the numbers on a their ticket as they appear (there are 90 balls in total). Players can sit at different tables and play with 135 tickets simultaneously in a single game. When a line on the ticket is crossed off, it is called çinko (line). Each draw is broken down into three stages. The first çinko is played for in stage one, where the first line gets crossed off as the corresponding balls are drawn. Players can get çinko on more than one ticket in a single draw. Then comes stage two, also called çinko, where players cross off numbers on the second line of the ticket. When every line has been called at the end of the draw, it is called Tombala. When this stage is over, the game ends and players have some time to prepare for the next one. Players can get tulum (full house) if all the numbers on all three lines of the same ticket are crossed off. In Tombala, there is a draw every two minutes.

SES Gaming’s bingo interface involves a livestream of the draw with a virtual draw machine at the bottom containing 90 balls. The game unfolds on the right-hand side, with balls that are drawn being marked on a ticket visible to all players. The winners for each line and the number of tickets bought for each draw are displayed on the left-hand side. Users can take another look at a recording of the game, the winning lines, and the best Tombala players on their account page.

SES Gaming products can be played in Turkish, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Arabic and Chinese. Most popular currencies as well as and local European, Asian, and African currencies are supported. In addition, its bingo games work in practically every country in the world, with the exception of Georgia. Cooperation with such a large and, innovative platform as BetB2B will raise awareness of the SES Gaming’s products and broaden its audience.