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Bonus program
Bonus program
Bonus program
Online gaming & sports betting platform
An extensive bonus system has been developed to help you attract new players and keep regular customers engaged. The system includes various types of rewards – for signing up, for loyalty, consolation prizes and others. The ready-made white label solution gives you a standard range of offers and the opportunity to consider new ones. All of our offers have been carefully analyzed to assess the likelihood of their popularity and any potential risks.
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Flexible system
You can make changes to the bonus program and generate unique offers.
Bonus cashback is profitable for you and attractive to your customers.
Promo codes
The system enables you to attract new players, reward regular customers for their loyalty and analyze traffic on your website.
Popularity and risk analysis
In-depth analysis of unique bonus offers according to their potential popularity with customers and financial risks.
Standard offers
First and second deposit bonuses
Bonuses on popular events
Loyalty program and promo codes